The Handrails of the Escalators, New media and outdoor advertising

The Handrails of the EscalatorsThirty seconds average time spent in department stores, subway stations, rail, airports and shopping malls every time you go up the escalators or conveyors. Precious time from now that companies can exploit to get their products to consumers.

Up to 15 million people may go through a conventional shopping center, being the main advantage of ADRail that the consumer comes into direct contact with the mark, touching (Hands-On-Advertising). The system can print messages flag with bright colors, is very agradabe touch and does not stain. Produced using a special technique, few media Permanence much time in the field of view of consumers. The additional advantage of this system is its long lifetime compared to traditional methods of vinyl.

The idea was born at home EHC, Canada, the largest worldwide manufacturer of handrail. The manufacture and installation of ADRail is a patented in all countries and approved by ITV, TUV ISO etc. Marketing in Spain is in the hands of SMS (Special Media Solutions) in cooperation with WWP (Weirather-Wenzel & Partner).

McDonalds Spain, is one of the first companies to benefit from the support innovative ADRail, currently advertised in the Diagonal Mar in Barcelona. Within the multitude of advertising messages consumers receive daily, this system has shown that levels of get some recognition and recall very high.

Negotiations with subways, airports and other places are in the process.

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